Business Intelligence for Your Shipping Data

Live Webinar | November 18, 2014 2:00 PM EST

Learn how ShipConsole, the premier shipping solution for Oracle, is now fully integrated with a BI solution letting you analyze your shipping data in multiple dimensions.

ShipConsole is SaaS Ready

ShipConsole SaaS

Easier to Implement. Easier to Use. Easier to Maintain.

Leverage the power of SaaS and benefit from a flexible, scalable shipping solution with a lower and predictable cost of ownership.

UPS Shipping Software

Automate Shipping and Reduce Costs with ShipConsole

Webinar On-Demand

Learn how you can save time, improve customer service and reduce shipping costs.

Oracle Fedex Shipping Software

ShipConsole ROI Calculator

Save Money with ShipConsole

Use our ROI calculator to find out how you can reduce your operating costs and maximize your ROI using ShipConsole.

Oracle integration to UPS

ShipConsole on Amazon Web Services

Free Test Drive Lab

Gain access to a dedicated E-Business Suite environment where you can improve productivity and obtain better analytics by using ShipConsole on Amazon Web Services (AWS).

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