Integration with Oracle Supply Chain

Integration with Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud

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With ShipConsole, Oracle Cloud customers can now benefit from a single shipping interface for multiple parcel carriers or LTL’s that simplifies the shipping process and improves efficiency by over 60%

ShipConsole hosted on Oracle Cloud infrastructure is an all-in-one shipping solution for any business that wants to integrate Oracle SCM Cloud with all major parcel carrier systems including UPS, FedEx, DHL, TNT and USPS, and various freight carriers. It can optimize multi-carrier online shipping, label printing, reporting and shipment tracking with instantaneous access to proof-of-delivery documentation.

Oracle Supply Chain

    Easy and intuitive Step-by-step Process

  • After standard pick confirm process pick slip report is generated in Oracle SCM Cloud and shipment ID# will be starting point of ShipConsole application
  • Shipper would scan the Shipment# which is barcoded on pick slip report using barcode scanner or he can enter it manually and all the information which is required to process the shipment will be pulled from Oracle Cloud.
  • Weight is read automatically from the weight scale which is connected to ShipConsole Application.
  • Shipper needs to hit SHIP button which communicates with carriers via web services and in response we get shipping labels, freight costs(both list and negotiated)
  • Finally, Shipper will hit ShipConfirm which prints oracle documents and closes the shipment in SCM Cloud right from ShipConsole interface updating Freight costs, tracking numbers and weight


ShipConsole Oracle Scm Cloud

Shippers around the world are able to work more effectively and efficiently with benefits of ShipConsole

Benefits of ShipConsole

Improve Customer Loyalty

  • Automatic Email Notifications to Customers
  • Validate Addresses
  • Track & Trace
  • Proof of Delivery
  • Analytics

Increase Shipping Efficiency

  • Out-of-box integration with Oracle SCM Cloud
  • Integration with major Parcels and LTL carriers
  • Print Shipping Labels and Oracle Documents for Multiple Carriers from one place
  • Print all custom Documents out of ShipConsole
  • Integration with WMS/OTM

Reduce Freight Costs

  • Freight Rating for Parcel and LTL Carriers for best service
  • Freight Rating through dimensions
  • Integration with ACE Portal
  • Integration with Oracle iStore

Our Cloud solution is featured on the Oracle Cloud Marketplace and is one of the first solutions to be validated by the Oracle Cloud products team

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