Address Validation Software

Address Validation Software

On the average, 22% of an average company’s shipments addresses are incorrect

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The Address Validation Software helps organizations to avoid incorrect addresses before an order is processed. Our solution ensures that your recipient addresses conform to the published carrier guidelines.

Our Oracle- E-Business Suite Address Validation Program integrates with major Parcel Carriers UPS, FedEx, USPS, DHL and others.

Organizations can leverage the next generation ShipConsole Address Validation Software solutions to increase customer communication efficiency.

Oracle E-Business Suite Address Validation

Validate Addresses in Oracle E-Business Suite

Eliminate shipment delays with seamless oracle integrated solution that dramatically improves your address data quality through real-time address verification for an individual address or high volume addresses.

Our Address Validation Program performs detailed address verification with seamless integration to multiple carriers to assure the address given is valid.

  • The city being shipped to should have a ZIP code that matches
  • The street name should exist in that city
  • The street number should be valid within a certain range


  • Confirm the validity and completeness of U.S., Puerto Rico, and Canadian addresses
  • Complete incomplete recipient addresses
  • Correct invalid recipient addresses
  • Determine whether an address is commercial or residential to increase the accuracy of courtesy rate quotes (applies to U.S. addresses only)


  • Address, city, state and ZIP verification and shipper controlled correction
  • Avoid residential delivery surcharges by verifying the status prior to shipping
  • Reduce returns due to incorrect addresses
  • Lower shipping charges by picking the right services for the packages to be delivered
  • With ShipConsole AddressValidation find the right residential or commercial service
  • Helps to increase Customers satisfaction

Deployment Options

  • On Premise
  • SaaS
  • Hosted
  • Reduced cost with no upfront investment
  • Monthly subscription with pay-as-you-go pricing so you can stop at any time

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