Shipping Software For Consumer Goods Industry

Shipping Software for Consumer Goods Industry

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Consumer Goods companies are working hard to get closer to their customers and as a result control over deliveries has become exceedingly important. The leading shipping challenges of consumer product companies are controlling freight costs and penalties for shipments that don’t meet established guidelines for delivery, labeling and other shipment specifications.

ShipConsole helps Organizations to

  • Freight Rating that automatically compares and selects the best possible rate from all your carriers
  • One-stop shipping process with multiple carrier integration, label printing and Oracle shipping confirmation from a single screen
  • Using ShipConsole Shippers can call Oracle WMS Label printing APIs to print UCC128 and customer-specific labels
  • Consolidate multiple Oracle deliveries into a single shipment in ShipConsole to save costs
  • Shippers can validate serial numbers on the packages being shipped to match the ones on the Oracle delivery
  • ShipConsole provides out-of-the-box integration with Oracle Transportation Management (OTM). Customers can store LTL/TL rates in OTM and seamlessly import them into ShipConsole at the time of shipping


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