Denied Party Screening Software

Denied Party Screening Software

Gain Visibility into Export Process with ShipConsole Denied Party Solution

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ShipConsole Denied Party Screening software provides organizations of all sizes with easy-to-use options that quickly and efficiently screen customers, suppliers and trading partners against a comprehensive database of international restricted and denied party lists. There are a number of lists that must be checked including U.S. Government Agency Sources as well as Foreign and Other Agency Sources. The sheer volume of these lists makes it a daunting task to conduct Denied Party Screening, not to mention that there are numerous updates to the lists including new additions that must also be considered. However, if you’re an exporter, it is mandatory to conduct this screening as per the order of the United States government.

ShipConsole Denied Party Screening Solution

With ShipConsole Denied Party Screening Solution you can make sure you aren't shipping to anyone on the government lists of denied parties or risk violating the various sets of export regulations


  • For large volumes, a concurrent program is used to screen all customer data or open orders
  • Screen individually if desired with Denied Party Screening
  • Automate screening by scheduling to run daily
  • Send alerts and notifications if Denied Parties are found
  • Apply hold(s) to order and/or customer site


  • Proactively determine if a customer has been placed on any government list that precludes them from receiving exported goods
  • Continually monitor government and other required lists that are always up to date from multiple sources both foreign and domestic
  • Efficiently handle the resolution process to ensure there are no shipping delays


  • On Premise
  • SaaS
  • Hosted
  • Reduced cost with no upfront investment
  • Monthly subscription with pay-as-you-go pricing so you can stop at any time

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