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Savings of 3 to 7 % on annual freight costs

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The Freight Rating solution from ShipConsole eliminates the need to navigate through multiple carrier systems to decide which carrier provides the best shipping options to meet your customer expectations. It will allow shippers to rate shop among different parcel and LTL carriers all in one place. Our solution helps you manage your complex operations with built in configurable business rules.

Our multi carrier rate shopping software can be utilized by any ERP or software application. You can rate shop across multiple carriers to determine the optimal service while reducing costs. Selection can be automatic, or shippers can view a list of options and select service that best fits their needs.


  • Our Freight Rating solution can be utilized by any ERP or software application
  • Automatically select the best carrier/service level from your list of negotiated carriers for every shipment based on shipping rate and transit time
  • View top carriers/service levels sorted by rate or transit time


  • Control Your Transportation Spending
  • Automatically Select the Best Rate/Service Level During Pick Release
  • Flexibility to Manually Select During Order Entry or After Pick Release


  • On Premise
  • SaaS
  • Hosted
  • Reduced cost with no upfront investment
  • Monthly subscription with pay-as-you-go pricing so you can stop at any time

No matter what software you run, control your transportation spending with Freight Rating. You can save money on every shipment by automatically selecting the carrier with the best rate! The Freight Rating tool uses web services and it can be run within any application.

Companies using Oracle can use our adapter to take advantage of the out-of-the-box integration that lets you run the freight Rating program from the order entry form, the shipping transactions form; or automatically select the carrier with the best rate using a concurrent program during pick release.

Organizations using rate shopping software can save you between 3-7% on annual freight costs. When it comes to rating ShipConsole Freight Rating solution provides flexible parcel shipping and it is designed to automate and manage parcel shipping throughout your organization by helping you:

Cost Savings - Automatically shop shipping rates and have the system choose the lowest cost carrier to decrease shipping costs.

Efficiency - Our system rate shops individual carriers for you, making data accessible from one place.

Shipping options - Single interface for all your parcel and LTL carriers with any mode, domestic or international

Integrated Solution - Automatically Select the Best Rate/Service Level during Pick Release

Flexibility - Flexible to Manually Select During Order Entry or After Pick Release

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