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The hi-tech shipping industry is always changing, there is pressure to reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction. ShipConsole will not only increase customer satisfaction but also reduces your shipping costs.

Apps Associates has a high impact Oracle integrated shipping solution for the hi-tech shipping Industry.

ShipConsole helps organizations to

  • Centrally manage shipping operations in one system which simplifies shipping process and generate substantial cost savings
  • ShipConsole meets growing demands of organizations which enables enterprises to scale out to multiple locations and it’s simple process to add additional carriers any time
  • Direct Integration to ACE Portal for exports filling and to retrieve ITN number
  • ShipConsole supports major parcel carriers worldwide
  • Shippers can Print documents sets in Oracle from ShipConsole while they perform ship confirm process with a click of a button
  • Using ShipConsole Customers can easily return their packages using return shipping label that is generated automatically
  • Using ShipConsole shippers can ship from global origins and ship to global destinations
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