Integration shipping software with E-Business Suite

Integration with Oracle E-Business Suite

ShipConsole is preferred choice for many Oracle Customers because of its ability to deliver out of box shipping solutions Click here to know your Savings

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Shipping is just one step process with ShipConsole


  • Multi- Carrier Shipping Solution with seamless integration to Oracle E-Business Suite
  • Out-of-the-box integration with Oracle and major Parcel and freight carrier systems
  • Advance shipment notifications with tracking numbers to customers
  • Freight charges and tracking numbers are automatically updated back in Oracle
ShipConsole Automation

Print Carrier Shipping Labels

Label Printing

  • Ensure authorized users can only print carrier shipping labels.
  • It provides ability to call Oracle WMS Label printing APIs to print UCC128 and customer-specific labels.
  • ShipConsole makes printing return shipping labels easy which helps organizations to place return labels along with the outgoing Shipping labels


  • ShipConsole is very flexible for the Customers to meet unique business requirements
  • Organizations can use ShipConsole custom functions to meet their specific business requirements.
  • Our technical team can work with Customers to understand their needs and build custom solutions with our extreme oracle expertise
ShipConsole Customization

Oracle ShipConfirm

Oracle ShipConfirm

  • Shippers can Ship Confirm deliveries right out of ShipConsole application which eliminates the need to navigate to Oracle
  • It’s just one click to Ship, Print Labels, Print oracle document sets, Export documents and ShipConfirm deliveries in Oracle from ShipConsole.
  • ShipConsole offers Customers batch shipping where shippers can Ship Confirm individual deliveries or a batch of deliveries at one time


  • When shipments are consolidated, multiple packages are shipped together on the same airway bill to the same address.
  • Consolidate multiple Oracle deliveries into a single shipment in ShipConsole to save costs
  • Reduce the handling costs associated with express services with ShipConsole Consolidation feature
ShipConsole Consolidation

Hazmat Shipping software

Hazmat Shipping

  • ShipConsole makes Hazmat shipping simple
  • Helps shippers to quickly and accurately process Hazmat shipments
  • Shippers can print Carrier Compliant Labels and related Hazmat documents

Serialized Items

  • ShipConsole provides shippers ability to validate serialized items before shipping
  • Shippers can View and edit serial numbers in ShipConsole and interface with Oracle Inventory and Order Management
  • Shippers can also View LOT/locator information in ShipConsole for items on a delivery
Serialized items before Shipping

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