Life Science and Healthcare Shipping Software

Multi Carrier Shipping Software for Life-Sciences and Healthcare


Shipping of Pharmaceutical Products¬ can be challenging. "Temperature excursions, customs delays, packaging breakdowns, incorrect shipping, and packing choice are all risks inherent in today’s global logistics. The shipping process is crucial; indeed, "Lives may depend on a drug making it safely from origin to destination, within temperature range, and on-time.

  • A cloud-based Shipping Software offers visibility to large pharma and life science businesses, ShipConsole provides accurate information across the entire shipping process at any point and at any location
  • Knowing how to accurately calculate a package’s dimensional weight will ensure Companies don’t overpay for shipments
  • Apps Associates understands the healthcare and life-sciences industry and provides custom solutions to meet your needs
  • ShipConsole offers the expertise to handle Hazmat Shipping for multiple modes to support healthcare industry
  • Built in shipping analytics to track transportation spending, on-time delivery and freight invoicing
  • Electronic proof-of-delivery is available immediately for multi carriers in a single system
  • Increase customer loyalty by meeting shipping requirements with integration of multiple carriers and by sending email notifications


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