Package Tracking Software

Package Tracking Software

Enhance end to end Visibility into Shipment Status & Get Instant Proof-of-delivery Documentation

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Track and Trace Shipments

Enhance visibility into shipment status and simplify the process of tracking shipments with ShipConsole. ShipConsole provides a separate package tracking software with responsibility in Oracle that can be assigned to Customer Service. This responsibility can be used to track the status of shipments by Oracle sales order and delivery numbers, so that individual package tracking numbers don’t have to be located. Proof-of-delivery documentation is also instantaneously available with the click of a single button from ShipConsole, so customer service no longer has to call FedEx or UPS to request proof-of-delivery.

Measure on Time Delivery

Generate a report comparing actual delivery dates with projected delivery dates. Exceptions are highlighted so you can easily see which packages failed to get delivered on time.

Email Notifications

Reduce queries to your support department by proactively informing your customers about delivery status of every

ShipConsole Shipping Email Notifications

  • Ship Notifications
  • Send automatic email or text notifications
  • Delivery Notifications
  • Exceptions

Instantaneous Access to Proof-of-Delivery

  • ShipConsole provides easy access to the POD within Oracle
  • Customer Service no longer has to call FedEx or UPS as proof-of-delivery is immediately available
Access to Proof of Delivery

ShipConsole Track & Trace Benefits

Shipping Department

  • Consolidated view of all deliveries which can be tracked by sales order number, delivery number or just by date
  • Helps shipping department to generate EOD reports

Customer Service

  • Separate tracking responsibility in oracle for customer service
  • Customer service reps no longer have to login to carrier websites
  • Send Proof of Delivery document to customers electronically


  • Set automatic email notifications for Customers
  • Update Customers at different levels of delivery process
  • Customers can track their order

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